6 Ways to Wearing Wigs Comfortably this Summer

We all love our wigs, but when your hair is drenched in sweat and you have an itch you can't stop, you might be tempted to leave your wig at home to compromise for comfort over style.

Rising heat and humidity pose a big problem for many wig wearers during the summer. While some minor discomfort is inevitable, there are ways to make it through the day feeling beautiful and confident with a wig on.

Go Capless
Capless wigs are generally constructed with open rows of weft in the crown, back, and side to provide ventilation for the scalp. They're perfect for summer because they're lighter and more breathable than standard wig caps. Oh, and did we mention that they're also more affordable?

Cornstarch-Based Baby Powder
Apply baby powder to your scalp before putting your wig on. This will help soak up the dampness you might typically feel on your head without overdrying your skin.

Synthetic Wig
Human hair wigs might be loved for their natural looks, but faux hair is the winner when it comes to enduring the summer heat. It's much lighter in weight and can hold up its style longer, making it the ideal choice for all-day comfort and appearance.


Short Hair
If you usually wear long hair, this is a great time to try something different. Whether you decide to stick with a classic bob or a shoulder-length beach wave, there are a variety of styles to help you look good and feel great without the feeling of sweaty hair on your neck.


Try an Updo
Maybe you don’t have a short wig, or you don’t want to invest in one. That’s okay. A simple updo like braids or a ponytail will do the trick.

Alternative to Wigs
Don't want to wear a wig under the sun? Try a hat, headscarf, or halo, or go bare. Just remember, whatever you decide to go with, protect your skin with protective layers, and plenty of sunblocks.

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