What is bleach knot and why do you need bleach knots?

What is bleach knot and why do you need bleach knots?

Bleaching knots is a technique to make the hair system appear more natural by creating the illusion that it grows directly from the scalp.

When making a French lace front hair system, the hair needs to be tied to a piece of lace. This technique is known as ventilating, which creates knots. The knots secure the hair strands on the lace hair system. When your hair system is a darker color, these knots appear like small dots on the lace base that are visible in appearance.  

Unbleached knots

Hair knots that have not been bleached are unbleached knots. When the hair is tied to a lace base and each strand is fixed, there appears a dark knot. In fact, it’s hard to notice these knots from a distance. But if you look closely, these knots are obvious, and it can present an unnatural look. Some people don’t mind these knots, but still, many can’t ignore them.

Unbleached knots last longer and reduce hair shedding, but they’re more visible and can make a hair system look unnatural.

Bleached Knots

To reduce the visibility of the knots and make the lace front system look more realistic, some people choose to bleach the knots. The bleaching is a process that uses chemical products to make the knots a few shades lighter. This process involves a change in hair color. It chemically alters the hair as it opens the hair cuticle and goes to the cortex to remove the color. This process will change the hair properties permanently.

Bleached knots look very natural as it makes the hair look like it is growing from your scalp. However, you need tools, skills, and extra care to perform the bleaching without damaging the hair system. Bleaching will weaken the knots and make the hair fall out faster. Besides, only human hair with the cuticle intact can be bleached and the knots on jet black hair 1# cannot be bleached at all.

Both bleached and unbleached knots have their pros and cons, and these should help you decide whether to bleach knots or not. If you want a natural look, choose bleached knots. If you want your lace wig to last longer and if you don’t mind visible knots, then unbleached knots are the best option. But if you have a light-colored wig, there is no need to bleach the knots because they’re already light in color and invisible.

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