Whether you’re new to wigs or looking to branch out from your current style, you may have come across human hair blend wigs and wondered if they were worth a look. These are a great option for many wig-wearers, and in this article, we’ll take a look at what a human hair blend wig is and whether they are suitable for you!
What Does Human Hair Blend Mean?
As the name suggests, human hair blend wigs include a mix of human hair and synthetic fibres. There’s no definitive answer to what human hair blend wigs are made of because the composition varies from wig to wig.
Alongside or instead of standard human hair and synthetic fibres, human hair blend wigs may use:
Additionally, the ratio of human hair to synthetic fibre differs between wigs; some use 30-40% human hair, while others use 70-80% human hair. These factors will influence the cost and lifespan of the wig.
Why Buy a Human Hair Blend Wig?
Human hair blend wigs are a popular choice for experienced and beginner wig-wearers, and we can see why! They are typically lighter to wear than comparable all-human-hair wigs, and will hold their style better.
If you choose a human hair blend wig that uses heat-friendly synthetic fibres, you’ll be able to curl and straighten your wig using heated tools to achieve any look you like, and they also often look more natural than all-synthetic wigs. The combination of synthetic and human hair fibres result in a wig that’s easy to style and will hold onto that style for longer!
Finally, human hair blend wigs are usually cheaper than human hair wigs, giving you the natural look of the human hair wig at a fraction of the cost. They are a great compromise if a full human hair wig is a bit over budget.
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