Rollo de Cinta Adhesiva de Soporte Frontal - 1 Pulgada de Ancho, 12 Yardas de Largo

$19.99 USD


Clear tape, blue liner
Tape Width: 3/4'' or 1"
Tape Length: 3/12 Yards
Hold Time: 2-4  Weeks
Dull finish and no reflective glint.
Waterproof, can shower or shampoo when wearing.

Lace Front Support tape is a hair system tape for lace front or full lace units. It's famous for its dull finish and strong hold. It lifts easily, minimizing damage to delicate lace systems. The liner is blue while the tape is clear.

Lace front men's tape is waterproof and you don't need to worry about your hair system lifting up on you when you are swimming, in a shower, or heavily sweating