AHF6 UTS 0.03mm-0.04mm thin Skin V-loops

$199.00 USD


The ultra-thin skin toupee uses 0.03 mm poly skin that is extremely thin, and offers an extremely realistic look of the scalp, and the hairline, others cannot even tell you are wearing it
Super Natural: Creating a knotless effect by applying v-looped ventilation all over the base of the ultra-thin skin toupee, creating an illusion of hair growing out of the scalp
Made with 100% human hair, looks as natural as your hair
Ease of Wear and Maintenance: only takes a few minutes to attach it to the scalp, and only a moment to clean when it is through wearing
Best Partner In Any Occasion: Stress-free experience to wear when you work, date, sleep, take a shower, swim, work out, and so on
Professionals’ choice: we are the choice of hairstylists, salons, cosmology schools, and clinics across the globe